Connect to customers in the way they want

Posted Monday February 6th, 2017

Connect to your customers You are probably aware that business customers like to control how and when they buy. There are multiple ways to respond to this need. Yet if you connect to customers with personalization, response rates can increase by over 30%. But many companies fear the added administration and costs by going personal.

One system to rule them all

Now you have access to a brand new system that can handle all this. Once you have made customer contact, this cheap and effective method brings you many possibilities.

Severn has invested in a system that automates your personalised communications, print and branded emails. You can even tie these into personalised web landing pages created for your customers.

How does it work?

We set up templates for your business. These are used across print, web and email. You provide data about the clients you wish to reach, and our software inserts that data into the templates. From this, each print job or email/landing page gets created.

So once the project is set up, all you ever have to do is send us your raw data. Mass personalised multi-channel mailing triggered by a couple of clicks. Can you think of the possibilities this opens for you?

In addition, the data you send us decides how customers receive their communication. The system instantly sorts whether it is printed or electronic. Printed material is mailed for you from Severn, saving you time and money in handling the distribution yourself.

Monitored email campaigns provide open rates, bounces and unsubscribes. As a result, we can set up production and mailing of a printed item, triggered on the response to an email. You reach customers and prospects in the most appropriate way, with preferences met and contact maintained.

Enhance your transactional documents

Probably most customers pay attention to their invoices. So why not enhance your transactional documents such as invoices and statements with dynamic templates. These can carry personalised content such as special offers on future purchases. You can even manage online payments by adding payment buttons in PDFs, emails or web pages.

Furthermore, records can be printed with unique barcodes created in connection to the data you provide us.

An example workflow scenario

You are hosting an event and want to invite protective customers and clients to sign up. To begin you send us a list of their email addresses, names and addresses. We design a template for email invites and direct mail. We send out the email invites and track them for non-delivery (bounces). Bounces trigger the printing of a direct mail invite to the address you provided.

When invitees click an email link (or open the personalised web address in their direct mail), our server creates a landing page where they can sign up. This triggers a thank you email. It may contain personalised e-tickets or, if they have indicated a preference, a printed ticket is mailed out.

Connect to customers with a digital handshakeIn addition, your customer can receive an automatic reminder of the event before it begins, either via email or text message. Then a request for follow-up is automatically sent after the event, again via the client’s preferred medium.

How can this benefit you?

  • Communication channels will be enhanced and customer service improved
  • The time taken to process invoices and other communications can go from days to minutes.
  • You can create whole marketing funnels and allow us to manage them for you.
  • Your costs will be reduced and cash flow can be improved.
  • Reduced risk of error in automating processes.

As you can see, there is a huge potential with this system. Because it is so flexible, it can handle many different scenarios. So why not give us a call to find out what it can do for you?

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