• Severn and Greenpeace have worked together for thirteen years. Greenpeace’s policy has evolved and become stricter and Severn has moved in the same direction; as an EMAS registered printing company, Severn remains one of a very small number that –via environmental responsibility, innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility efforts – exceed our demands.David ShortoPrint Buyer at Greenpeace


Severn realised early on that printing is one of the few industries that can be truly sustainable in the purest form of the expression. A good goal for our environmental print improvements

  • Sustainable material – paper is made from sustainably grown trees . Paper is ideal for re-cycling as when mixed in water it reverts to a pulp.
  • Paper manufacture needs heat and electricity – wood waste from paper-making provides a renewable source of both.
  • Printing uses electricity as its main power source – modern electricity generation is increasingly renewable.

Severn has been working with our environmentally supportive customers towards being a truly sustainable business.

Milestones in environmental improvement at Severn –

  • In 1990 as Severnprint we published our first environmental policy
  • 1996 we became Ecotricity’s first commercial customer
  • 2004 we were accredited to ISO14001 and became FSC certified.

And some of our biggest achievements have been our most recent. Severn has been at the fore of a process of reducing its IPA (industrial alcohol used by litho presses to break down water surface tension) to levels way below that used by UK printing. Now it has eliminated the use of IPA entirely – an alcohol free printer!

In summer 2013 Severn became one of only 9 printing companies in the UK to achieve EMAS – a strict European management system. Use the resources box to download Severn’s EMAS statement.

Tree Aid

Our relationship with Tree Aid has generated over £24,000 since we began working with Tree Aid in 2000. The money has been well used to support tree based community schemes in Ghana and Mali – both countries in desperate need of more tree cover.

Our shared responsibility

When discussing potential jobs we will encourage you to think of the environmental aspects of the specification of the enquiry.

Environmental on-going improvement at Severn

Keeping the company on track environmentally needs the help of everyone in Severn. Seven members of staff volunteered to drive environmental improvement in their departments. They are the Green Team.

Green Team Members

Mike HoodMike Hood

Mike has taken the role of organiser and secretary in the team. Working in the sales office he keeps the sales team up to date with green issues and feeds back ideas. Mike also monitors the gas usage in the company.

Kevin Sandercock

Kevin is the press room team member. Kevin looks after the ink and consumables used in the press room checks their stocks and orders and keeps a close eye on their use. Kevin is an internal auditor for ISO14001 in Severn.

Chris Galling

Chris works in the production office and looks after the warehouse and paper stocks. Chris has great ways of making figures and data look interesting. He has been key in making the environmental data required for EMAS easily available when required. Chris monitors heating oil use as well as display print materials.

Shane RudgeShane Rudge

Shane is the bindery Green Team member. Shane looks after some of the energy usage in the bindery area and reports back to the bindery and despatch areas about with latest green news.


Nigel PealingNigel Pealing

Nigel is the production director at Severn. He looks after the electricity use and also drives many of the bigger environmental improvement projects through the business. He identified and showed the importance of the new Komori HUV press and how it would be an ideal press for Severn both for productivity advantage and for the environmental improvement it brings.