International clients

Severn’s capability in providing a range of print related services to manufacturers in the UK is of value to companies in other European countries too.

The compelling offer that makes Severn a good partner for international clients based outside the UK are:

  • Severn is expert at supporting manufacturers particularly those with customers in many countries – printing in volume or in small amounts and with specialist personalisation linked to worldwide distribution makes sourcing these print services with Severn an excellent business option.
  • The position of Severn in the centre of the country with excellent UK distribution links and a wide range of international distribution options allowing next day delivery to many European destinations.
  • Specialist on-line proofing breaks down distance barriers for receiving artwork and proofing
  • The wide range of specialist papers and print services all available locally and with short lead times makes that complicated job much more viable printed with Severn

Severn has particular links with Ireland. Many specialist manufacturing businesses operate in Ireland and have important operations in the UK. Sourcing the print for both countries together brings savings and when other European language versions can be included too the logistics and economic case becomes even stronger.

Richard Keenan & Co

Richard Keenan & Co. is a specialist manufacturer of farm animal feeding systems. Severn’s links with the business go back over 25 years.

Two case studies illustrate how Severn offers a particular service to Keenan’s that may be of value to your business.

KeenanTraditional Print

An unusual mailing piece was developed for use in the farming press throughout Ireland and the UK. In the shape of Keenan’s feeder wagon the card carried an important message linked to Keenan’s 30th anniversary. Over 100,000 of the cards were printed and distributed to the main farming press magazines and newspapers in Ireland and the UK. Distribution times to Dublin are similar to the other centres – Essex and Glasgow. Combining the print operation also allowed the cutting forme and other tooling costs to be spread.

KeenanPersonalised Print

Organising open days on local farms are an important marketing tool for Keenan. Getting an invitation distributed to farms at the crucial time of a couple of days before the event is important to secure a good turnout. Severn receives the data and prints a personalised invitation letter containing the mailing address, the letter is inserted in a C5 window envelope and mailed to the farm in the UK. For other countries – particularly Ireland and Germany the envelopes are sent to the local office or directly into the country’s mail system for mailing.

CTA – an agricultural outreach service of the EU

CTA are based in The Netherlands and produce an annual catalogue of the many specialist agricultural titles distributed by the organisation to developing countries – particularly in Africa. Many of the remote education centres and colleges using the CTA publications do not have access to the internet so a comprehensive printed catalogue is vital.

CTATeaming up with a a free-lance editor working in agricultural and food based publications and a specialist catalogue designer Severn have been part of an effective consortium providing the editing, design and production of this important publication.

Severn and this team is keen to work on other similar projects in the print or on-line fields.

Collaboration across borders


One of our enduring business relationships is with AK Graphics based in Carlow. AK Graphics provide design and artwork services to Keenan – but with the on-line proofing options available from Severn AK Graphics are able to keep in close contact with the proofing and progress of Keenan’s projects.


Cork Meet 2013

Cork Meet 2013

In April 2013 Severn attended Cork Meet – meeting with Irish businesses in the important business centre of Cork. The three day event enabled Severn to strike up new contacts and build business links for working together in the future.

David Pealing sales director at Severn meets Irish customers and would welcome the opportunity to meet to discuss business propositions. An open invitation exists for visiting Severn’s factory in Gloucester with prior notice.