Mailing & fulfilment

No matter what we always deliver

In a nutshell mailing & fulfilment is all about one thing, making sure the right item is delivered to the right person.

However, projects can vary hugely in scope. You may require items to be personalised and addressed at the time of printing. Other projects may be more complex with different people requiring different items in the same mailing. At Severn we’ll take the time to discuss your needs with you and formulate the most reliable and cost effective solution. You don’t even have to use Severn for your printing – you can deliver items from other printers and companies and we will insert and mail or fulfil with the same attention and efficiency.

Using Severn’s mailing & fulfilment service also provides environmental benefits – no transport on to a mailing house and therefore a day saved in your schedule. Crucially we will always provide environmental options – recycled paper envelopes, carrier sheets and reusable packaging.

Case Study: New Worcester Bosch Heatslave – Launch Fulfilment

Worcester Bosch Case StudyWorking closely with both Worcester Bosch marketing and their marketing agency we were involved in the process of designing a pack that could be put together and ready for a set date in August.

A pack was devised consisting of a tray and an outer sleeve personalised and a number of technical items along with a letter. Production of the whole pack required the involvement of many staff at in different departments at Severn. The mailing took place to schedule to support the launch of the Heatslave.

We were pleased to receive a congratulatory email from Worcester Bosch and delighted to see that the appearance of the pack was mentioned on Twitter by a member of the heating trade.

Case Study: Silver lining

SilverSilver, a design and marketing agency, had a bold plan to help their client get their message across. This consisted of a C5 window envelope, a letter (with a calling card attached) and an invitation. The letter had to be personalised with not only with the recipient’s name and address at the top of the letter but also one of several account manager names at the foot.

Attached to the letter, using a specialist low tack adhesive dot, was an encapsulated and round cornered ‘calling card’ designed to look and feel like a credit card. The card carried both the recipient’s name and corresponding account manager’s name.

Finally the invitation was personalised with the account managers name and contact details. And the whole package mailed to a strict timetable.