Personalised print

Because we're all a bit different

A one off individually printed item, personalised for the reader, makes it much more meaningful and massively improves the response rate. The personalised print process is flexible enough to allow you to customise anything from a line of text in black to an entirely different piece for each reader.

You can now create truly targeted sales, marketing and promotional campaigns by including customers’ names or topics that you know they’ll be interested in. You can even include their photograph. Personalised printing is also a highly effective way to track items by adding numbers or codes to provide valuable information on response rates. The environmental benefits are great too, allowing us to use less resources and reduce waste. And once your customer has received their item, Severn’s Cross Media service can help you keep in contact through other channels.

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Case Study: Sold out thanks to personalised print

Authentic Adventures personalised print Case StudyWhen extra dates became available for holiday operator Authentic Adventures the pressure was on to let their customer database know. A postcard was devised using a handwritten font and personally addressed to just a few hundred recipients. Severn printed the cards using supplied data and mailed the cards on Friday. By Tuesday all of the dates were sold out. The power of personalised and targeted print!

Case Study: Personalised Power

Cotswolds based electricity provider OVO Energy decided that they wanted to send their customers paperless billing – but for those customers still requiring a printed bill Severn Personalised Print provides the ideal solution.

Ovo sends a print file complete with the transactional items contained in the letters. The items are held securely on a server and printed, machine enclosed and mailed on a daily basis. Regular update maiings and new customer packs are also prepared and fulfilled.

Severn Personalised Print linking with Severn mailing and fulfilment provides just the right solution and it is scalable for various sized mailings – freeing Ovo from the requirement to send out regular, bills, statements and welcome packs and yet very much under their control.