Severn Complete EMAS Audit 10th Year running

At Severn, we’ve always been very proud of our multi award winning environmental status and the focus we always have on ensuring the world we live in is looked after. We even have an in-house ‘green team’ to ensure that we are constantly driving environmental improvements across the whole company. With this in mind we’re…

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14 Years in the making World War II Project

This job that is underway at the moment was 14 years in the making and is unbelievably precious. To begin with the tint board frame was printed on a blank sheet of paper and then it was sent around the world for World War II pilots to sign over a period of years. Once they’d all signed it, it was sent back to us to then print  the…

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Tear-off leaflets keeping leaflets in place

Stores are reluctant to have piles of leaflets in their stores but this trick – called the tear-off may be about to become common in UK stores. The leaflets are padded onto a backing board and drilled with one hole – they are delivered with a cable tie so that the pad can be positioned near the product on the rack. Customers…

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