Using the Canon i300 with Ultra High Definition inks ensures we achieve reproduction and print quality unrivalled in the market.

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5 Reasons Why


Severn operate market leading ultra high definition inkjet printing technology delivering the finest quality available in the market.


We use materials that are not normally associated with digital printing which opens up many paper stock options to you so your books are unique. We can use materials traditionally only associated with traditional lithographic printing to achieve fantastic results digitally on the Canon i300.


Severn have assembled a team capable of delivering the best service available to publishers of quality short run content.


We are very proud to be multi award winning in environmental areas and are one of only ten printers in the UK to be EMAS accredited.


Taking the short run book market by storm filling the gap between – achieving a quality that is a match for any toner or lithographic process with the added benefit of the economics associated with inkjet printing.

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